Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April NILAG Meeting

We had a great meeting April 5th.  No snow, no rain  Yeah!

Marla shared the boards' emergency plan, so that if there is a future meeting cancelation, it will go smoothly.  Members  should look for a document on this from the Yahoo group later this week.

Rita, our Quilts of Valor Regional representative announced that QoV  would be delivering their 100,000th quilt sometime this year. Rita said this would not be possible without the support of the NILAG quilters and wanted to be sure we knew how much our participation was appreciated.   I have added a link on NILAG's blog back to Rita's blog where you can see some of these wonderful quilts and contact her about quilting for QoV .

We will continue with our bi-monthly skill builders.  We had two examples of the Mini-Whole cloth skill builder.


The door prize basket was unveiled.  We had a nice assortment of items, marking tools, rulers, stencils, scissors, tote bags and thread, just to name a few.  At the April meeting we allowed all members to enter the drawing.  Our first winner was Terri H.  Going forward, the door prize drawing will be for members that bring show and tell of the current skill builder.  The skill builder for the June meeting is  "DO SOMETHING" on a fat quarter. Basically just choose any fat quarter and select a quilting  tool, motif, method, design, etc., and get it quilted. We really want to see more participation on this.  All levels of quilting are encouraged to participate.  Remember we were all beginners once.  We love to see what inspires you.

We had some addition show and tell


Our guest speaker for the April 2014 meeting was Cheryl Sleboda.  Cheryl is a fiber artist who loves to manipulate fabric and also light up her work with electronics. Cheryl took us along with her on her quilting journey.  We saw photos of more than 200 mini quilts from her “Working Weekly – Staying Inspired” self challenges.  We saw how her design style grew and her artistic voice developed.  We also learned all about Electronics and textiles.  We fell in love with her cartoon minis and were amazed by her  "light up" quilts.

You can see Cheryl's work on her web site  There are links to her blog that will keep you updated on what is next for Cheryl  aka, a television star on Quilting Arts and links to purchase some of the LED light kits.

Our president Marla, is doing a wonderful job of getting us inspired to "DO SOMETHING". So get in your studio, load that fat quarter and quilt.   It does not have to be bound and ready for a show.  Just quilted..

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