Thursday, May 22, 2014


June 7th 2014 - You be the Judge with local AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser - Chris Moline.  As an AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser, Chris will take you through what appraisers look for and what judges look for. With a special emphasis on the quilting, she will help you to identify ways where quilting, as well as other aspects of quilt making, can make or break a quilt. She will also explain when and how to quilt those antique blocks and tops and when to leave them alone. You get to participate in expressing your opinions too! Chris will be bringing her stash of beautiful quilts to emphasize her concepts. This program will be held at PNC Bank, 250 E Roosevelt Rd.,  Wheaton, Illinois. starting at 9:30 A.M. Please park in the the lower lot.

Bring pen and paper to take notes. You will have six months to apply her concepts to your own quilts. In Dec, you can bring back your quilts (or someone else's quilts!) and Chris will provide feedback on what works and what you can improve on.

 Please remember to bring your SKILL BUILDER.. "Do something" on a fat quarter and any show and tell that you have. Any member with skill builder show and tell has the opportunity to have her name entered into the door prize basket.

The August 2nd, 2014 meeting brings Cindy Roth to NILAG. Cindy will give a lecture and drawing class on CONTINIOUS CURVES.  Cindy will demonstrate quilting solutions for simple blocks up to more complex designs like Wedding Ring, Jacobs Ladder and 3-D blocks. We will learn how to incorporate the background fill as we stitch the block designs. Cindy will also discuss thread, needles and her rulers. 

Cindy is a nationally known longarm instructor from Kent Washington and the director of Longarm University   The CONTINIOUS CURVES class will be held at our regular meeting place.  PNC Bank, 250 E Roosevelt Rd.,  Wheaton, Illinois. This class is open (at no charge) to paid NILAG members. NILAG members can sign up at the June meeting or RSVP to the Yahoo group. Class room and parking space is limited, so we will not be offering any guest spots.  There will be an exception for the members of the Lakeshore Longarm Quilters. They can attend for a cost of $15.  The Lakeshore Longarm Quilters are required to RSVP to

In the afternoon Cindy is sponsoring a 2nd class. Quilting as a Business. Join Cindy as she explains how to figure out exactly how much it costs YOU to quilt each quilt you put on your machine. You will also learn the different between "cash in your hand" and cash flow. This class does not tell you what to charge, instead it gives you the tools so you will know what you need to charge to cover your costs and make a profit! Marketing and business tips will also be discussed. A question and answer period is included and many diverse business topics will be talked about.

Quilting as a Business will be  held at the home of one of our guild members that is not far the morning class. This class is limited to 20 to 30 longarm quilters.  The time of the class is 2:30 to 5 pm (allowing for lunch in between meetings). The cost of this class is $25 (cash or check only)  to be paid directly to the speaker.   Any member of  NILAG or the Lakeshore Longarm Quilters that would like to attend can reserve their spot and are required to RSVP to .