Thursday, July 11, 2013

Same But Different Quilt Challenge

Back in 2010, NILAG gave the members a "same but different" quilting challenge.  Everyone who participated was to create the exact same wall hanging in the same fabrics, but it was up to the guild member to determine how to quilt it. 

A design was created using the State of Illinois block. (which has become the logo for the guild) Fabric packs were made available at a local quilt shop. Cutting directions were handed out. We were given 6 months to complete our wall hanging.  The results were stunning.  So many great ideas, all for the same quilt. 

The finished quilts were sent as a group to the Machine Quilters showcase in Overland Park, KS the following year. You can see the results of the challenge here:   CLICK for Same but Different album

More recently, NILAG offered a Zentangle workshop with Sue Jacobs, Certified Zentangle Instructor.  Although Sue is not a quilter, her Zentangle concept of doodling can easily be translated into quilting. 
We were each given two cardstock ornaments and a gell pen.  The doodling was very therapeutic and some amazine designs were born that day. To visit Sue's website click here: 

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